Jul 29, 2018

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FROM THE HEART OF A CHRONIC INSOMNIAC (Tiếng lòng của người mất ngủ lâu năm)

I myself like practicing meditation. I have read some books on meditation and I found out that sitting meditation for long hours a day is very difficult for me because I am busy with work,  with my family and other daily activities. I tried to sit in meditation many times but I was failure due to my busy day. In addition,  when I was out of the meditating hours, I have still suffered from sadness,  worries and misery. I have not actually found the inner peace in my mind. When I am in the bad condition to sit in meditation because of its hardship. I have known that Guru will teach the methods to meditate in daily life. I am eager to come to Vietnam for this useful lessons of meditation. peaceful atmosphere with Guru and other disciples On 26th July,  I was in Song Nguyen Tantra House for learning

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